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Waterproof Stickers.


Why buy our stickers?

Perfect for the quirky fan-kid and the passionate geek, Wally Stickers gives you a wide variety of pop culture stickers. We ship WORLDWIDE!

You might be passionate about Star Wars, Harry Potter, Anime, or whatever! Don't worry, we've got something for everybody. Choose through our sticker collections HERE! (and don't be afraid to order more than one pack... plus you save on shipping)

Stick 'em on your laptops, skateboards, luggages, and car bumpers. Also good for bikes, motorbikes and snowboards! (Don't worry, they’re waterproof!) 


About our Sticker Quality

PVC, sometimes referred to as simply 'vinyl’, is an ideal base for high-quality, long-lasting printed stickers.

While stickers can be made from a wide variety of materials, nothing beats PVC stickers when it comes to durability, waterproof, weather resistance and versatility. Stickers printed on PVC look great and last a long time no matter where they are placed.

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